Exercises For Developing The Weaker Foot

It is normal for a person to be more efficient with just the left or right appendage. But you are at an advantage if you can demonstrate ambidexterity in both feet during a soccer game to have better control over the ball.

Image source: teachpe.com
Image source: teachpe.com

First, note the form your body takes and the ease in executing a drill with the strong foot. Imagine this when you switch and try the same with the weaker foot. Try to keep the foot relaxed in practicing the following drills:

Juggling. Using only your weaker foot, bounce the ball up and catch and kick it up using the lace section of the foot. Try to keep it up for five minutes. Gradually increase the time as you get more comfortable, until you can alternate between both feet and knees with confidence.

Image source: myactivesg.com
Image source: myactivesg.com

Trapping and passing. Throw the ball up high and use the toes of the weaker foot to cushion the ball down to a halt on the ground. As you get used to it, alternate with passing drills and use the wall as a rebounder.

Shooting. Use a small target and focus on technique over power in kicking the ball. Be conscious of the direction of the ball and how your body takes shape until you can mimic the ease in body movement when shooting with your strong foot.

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