How To Be a Soccer Superstar: Training Program For Beginners

Soccer is a sport that requires players to run around a field, trying to kick the ball into a goal to score points. Obviously, it would be a lot harder than it sounds. Here are a few training tips for beginners who want to be star players someday:

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Strength is vital in any sport and soccer is no different. It is the basis of power and speed, which are both important skills in the game. The focus of strength training for soccer players should be the lower body and the core, so exercises like planking and plyometric are good starters.


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Soccer involves instances where a quick burst of speed is necessary and being fit can help in such circumstances. Players should be prepared to run back and forth across the field at varying speeds. This is where endurance comes in, and a great way to level up endurance is by running off-season or doing moderate weight training.

Speed and agility

Speed and agility are both vital components to a soccer training program. In fact, it’s arguably more important than endurance or strength. A good test of speed is doing sprints. Combining speed and strength gives a player power, which makes him a more formidable player. Adding jump squats, push presses and other power movements into training can help develop speed and explosiveness.

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